Look To Give Back

As a coach, it is important to ensure that you are doing the job for the right reasons. I will post at a later date about some of the different reasons that people get into coaching. If you are truly in it for the right reasons and want to lead by example (refer back to my post on this), then I encourage you to give back to the community.


Over the past few seasons, I have made an effort to volunteer at events in the community. Finding different charitable groups who do great work locally is one excellent way to become a valuable member of your school community and the local community outside of the school. We have had some great programs in our area as well as fundraising drives to help out local organizations as well.

An even better way to support your community is to host free basketball clinics for young children in your community. This obviously depends on the facilities at your school and how flexible your district is about allowing you to do this. My district requires charging children to attend and I do not think that is right due to the camp not being available then to all students. Therefore, I have offered my coaching abilities at other facilities and do not do it through my school. In order to give back, I think it is crucial to do so to everyone in the community.

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