Defense: Stats & Goals

As you saw with the other fundamental series that I have written, I noted the importance of being able to track your progress through the use of statistics. Defense directly impacts your teams success and statistics will help figure the metrics of this out. If you can’t get stops, you can’t win games. You will need to learn your weaknesses as a way of finding what areas need improvement.


Statistically, teams who can’t get defensive stops won’t win ball games. You need to implement an aggressive defense that teaches effort, fundamentals, and not fouling.

Here are steps to tracking your defensive improvement:

  1. Look at stats for following categories.
  2. Track how many points per game that you allow.
  3. Track how many times your opponent gets into the paint with the ball.
  4. Track how many offensive rebounds that you give up.
  5. Chart the trend of your stats and look to see if the number improves. It is crucial that you compare this to notes on your defensive drills and determine if your issues are with on-ball defense, off-ball defense, and/or rebounding.

The goal that I have set for my teams is the following defensive stats:

Points Per Game Allowed- Less than 10 per quarter.

Touches In Paint- Less than 4 per quarter.

Offensive Rebounds- Less than 4 per quarter.

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