Defense: Rebounding

You can play amazing defense for the duration of the shot clock but if you don’t grab a rebound on a missed shot, you are not rewarding yourselves for the hard work on defense. It is crucial to have all five players on defense be involved in the rebounding.


By implementing rebounding time into every practice, you are teaching the necessary skills to finish off a possession. I am also a tremendous proponent of teaching all players to rebound. Especially for a team that is smaller like mine, you have to get your guards to come back and rebound/

Here are some points that I always bring up to my team when rebounding:

  1. Anybody guarding someone close to the rim needs to box them out and ensure that they don’t get the rebound.
  2. Guards and exterior defenders need to come back to get two feet in the paint and rebound.
  3. Always rebound with two hands.
  4. Once you get a rebound turn and face to assess the court before making a read on what to do with the ball.

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